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"Main Stream" Agency

Main Stream Agency operates in it's native city of Saint-Petersburg & also cooperates with Moscow, other Russian regions.

We also actively co-opereate with countries in the European Union (EU).




We have a number of   Partners



Our Agency works in four directions:




1 - Booking foreign & russian musicians,actors 

(Stars)-press here


Modern stars of russian & foreign stage.


- Disco 80-90

- DJ отчечтвенные и зарубежные press here

- Тheatrical projects




- PR, Оrganization of corporative & private holidays & actions.




2 - Video shooting & creation of TV-programms & news plots press here


creation the basis of participation in the international festivals, cultural & economic forums.



3 - Tourism - press here




4 - Exhibition Activity - press here











- Booking foreign & russian artists


- Full Organization of your holiday,action


-  PLACE CHOICE ( restaurant or other ) for your party, holiday or meeting.


  - Аctors, Musicians for your choice.(actors-parodists,

nginglasses, conjurers & e.t.r.









Dear Guests, You Can See A Lot of Videos of Greate Cultural Events & International Forums on our You Tube Channel.

Forward by the link,

because on this web-site you can see mostly articles & photos of Business Forums & Cultural Events.  



Olga in VK


Alexandra in VK


Art - Media Main Sream in VK