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     “Main Stream”  


“Main Stream”Ltd, 190121, Russia, St.Petersburg


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  Art-Media Agency


     “Main Stream”  


“Main Stream”Ltd, 190121, Russia, St.Petersburg




"Main Stream" Agency has started to develop the activity since 2006 and officially was open in the beginning of 2008.


Into directions of its work enter:


I.(1) - Booking Foreign and Russian Artists  


Artists (Stars) of different directions and styles of music (modern, disco 80-90),

theatrical projects for private clients, clubs, companies, corporate events.


Our Agency worked with Thomas Anders from Modern Talking, East-17, Bobby Farrell
Bonny-M, Bad Boys Blue, Haddaway, Paradisio, Riccardo Fogli, Panopticum Project,
some DJ’s  and others.


 I.(2)- PR, the Organization of corporate and private actions and holidays.


II - A video shooting and creation of TV-programs

on the basis of participation in the international festivals, cultural and economic forums:




- (2018)

- Participation in various International Musical and Film Festivals, Business Forums, Business Events and Conferences

- Participation and video shooting in the Journalist's House in a number of events

- Videography of concerts in the Jazz Philharmonic of the Ensemble of David Goloshchekin

- Videography in the Finnish House

- Video shooting of other video clips



- (2017)

- Participation In different International Cinema & Music Festivals  

   (  - 2017)

- Participation in various International Cinema and Music Festivals, Business Forum events and conferences

- Participation and video shooting of the Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum Conference hotel Moscow and dinner with a concert in the Amrots restaurant) (September 2017)

- Participation in the Finnish-Russian Business Forum, Hotel Corinthia, (26 October 2017)

- Participation in the Cultural Forum in 2017 in St. Petersburg

- Video filming of the Brass-Autumn Music Festival with the Italian Conductor (Summer 2017)

- Video shooting of the musical show "Intelligent cats" in the Aurora Concert Hall

- Shooting a number of concerts in the Concert Hall of Jaani Kirik, And also a concert with Svetlana Kryuchkova (2017)

- Shooting in the Fountain House of Anna Akhmatova of a number of concerts: Svetlana Kryuchkova, Amy Peters

- A number of filming in the House of Journalist of various events

- Shooting of some theatrical performances

- Filming in the Finnish House


- and other events



 - (2016)

- Participation in International Cultural Forum (1-3 of December 2016)

- Participation In International Forum "Harmony of Versatility" 2016 in Main Headquarter on Palace square


Participation in the International Conference "St. Petersburg-Barcelona" - the balance of priority in urban development in the Investment Committee. (June 2016)


- Videography meeting descendants of the Battle of Tsushima in the Marine Corps of Peter the Great - St. Petersburg Naval Institute  (Summer 2016)

- Movie Finnish Ethno-Festival "Land of the Kalevala" in the headquarters of the Russian Geographical Society (February 2016


- (2015)

Participation in Finnish House (How to Open Businessin Lappeenranta) (31 of March 2015)

- Videoshooting of Russian-Japan Delegation(17 of april 2015)

- Videoshooting of International Orchestra "Tavricheskiy"(Music Week) (21-30 of april)

- Participation in Business Contacts Club (January of 2015)

- Participation on Seminar "ART-Explorer" (April of 2015)

- Participation in Opening of Exhibition of Aaron Zinshtein in Hotel-Butik Rachmaninov (May of 2015)

- Participation in Seminar in Finnish House "Internalization of Business, Attraction of investments, registration & accompaniment of companies. "Creen Technologies  in Finland" (20 of May)

- Participation in Forum of Spatial Development " Harmony of Versatility" (22-24 of May) 

- Shooting "Subsidies and other measures of state support in 2015".

-  Shooting of the Day of the Entrepreneur in the Administration of the Admiralty district of St. Petersburg.


-   Shooting "In Memory of Tsushima."

 This year on May 27 celebration of the city coincided with the anniversary date of the 110th anniversary of the Russian-Japanese war.

      - Shooting - Day of Russia in Kolomna district Veterans Kolomna

    -  Shooting - In St. Petersburg Sibelius recalled on May 30 in the Great Hall of St. Petersburg Philharmonic (formerly the hall of the Noble Assembly) sounded great music of Sibelius.

-    Shooting of the concert of June 12 at the Grand Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, on the Day of Russia and the Year of Literature, world premiere of the oratorio Victor Pleshak - Honored Artist of Russia, winner of the St. Petersburg Government, the chairman of the section of popular music Composers' Union of St. Petersburg .

-    "Nordic Week in St.Petersburg" 25 September to 10 October

- Shooting of the gala concert at the Palais des  Beloselsky Belozersky.

-   Shooting of the day in Finnish house

With the opening speech the director of the Finnish Institute PhD Elina Kahla.

- Shooting of the Finnish composer Harri Wessman in his lecture at the House of Finland spoke about the work of Jean Sibelius 

- Shooting of the Days of Turku, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra performance

Turku opened his presentation of the symphonic poem "Tapiola" (Forest god). Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall


- Shooting of the forum «Finnish business in St.Petersburg». in Crowne Plaza





- (2014)

- Participation in life of museum of Russian Poet Alexander Block (2014)

- Participation in Antique Salon in LenExpo (27 of February - 2 of March 2014)

- Participation in VIII St.Petersburg Partneriat of Small & Middle Business in LenExpo

  (12 -14 of march 2014)

- Participation in life of St.Petersburg Main University (2014)

- Participation in a training seminar on the work of the securities on the stock market in the Investor Day of VTB (25 of April, 2014)

- Participation in life & video-shooting od Sandler Choir ( in SPB Main University, in SPB  Polytechnic University.) (2014)

- Participation on 16th Baltic Development Forum Summit & 5th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR

  Participation on EU Forum for Young Leaders “Bridge” (between Turku & St.Peterburg)

  (3-4 of june 2014)

- Participation in Regional Russia Forum "Territory of Business

Territory of Life", Business Success,

St.Petersburg, Park Inn, 10 of June 2014

- Participation in "Unlimited Racing" & Music Festifal in Aeroport of Lappeenranta, 27-29 of June 2014

- Participation in II International Congress in Eurasian Maritime History, Ambassador, St.Petersburg,

23-25 of July 2014

- Participation in JCI Event in St.Petersburg

(29-31 of august, 2014)

 - Participation in Finnish House (How to Open Businessin Lappeenranta)

- Participation in Event of  Finnish  Avia-Company Snow Bird.

- Participation in Event of Mediateka Of  Italian Institute of Culture in St.Petersburg.

- Participation in Business Contacts Club Tatiani Maslennikovoy

- Participation of Art-Media Agency in Bard's & Poets Homestead.



- (2013)

- Participation in the day of memory of Umberto Nobele in Iceboat-Krasin, St.Petersburg,

august 2013

- Participation in the Celebration of the Marine Assembly in K2,St.Petersburg, august 2013

- Participation in the video-shooting of Choir from Georgia, USA in the Yanii Kirik Church St.Petersburg 2014

- Participation in Moscow Fashion week “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia”from 25-30 of October 2013

-Participation in St.Petersburg Internatonal Forum (2013)

- Participation in 120 anniversary celebration of St.Petersburg Sinagoga (December of 2013)

-Participation in the video-shooting in the St.Petersburg competition of young vocalists of Irina Bogacheva

 (2 of December of 2013)



- (2011-2012)

- Video-shooting of new live complex "Slavyanka". Our company was made a promo-video, 2011

- Our company was made a big work about translation of the Russian-Polish terminological dictionary about ore-dressing 2011-2012

  Video-shooting of 10 Russian-Polish forum "East-West” October 2012



- (2009-2010)

- Participation in ENPI forum in Imatra – January 2009

- Participation in international book salon – 2009

- Participation in First EU-RUSSIA Innovation forum in Lappeenranta, Finland-may 25-27, 2010

III-rd Petersburg Innovation Forum (28 September - 01 October), 2010
(Lenexpo, St. Petersburg)
- VIII International Forum of East -West - Mekhanobr Engineering
 (November 2010), St.Peterburg



 - (2006-2008)

- EU Forum in Lahti 2006,

- Forum «the Modern woman – a way to success» 2006, St.-Petersburg,

- The Russian-Finnish forums on gender equality,

- Festival the “Japanese spring and the Japanese Autumn” 2007,

- III International festival of graphic Art St-Petersburg-2007,

- The International ecological forum «Day of Baltic sea» St.-Petersburg 2008,

- The Project “Sacred earth Jerusalem” St.-Petersburg 2008,

- An European Reconstruction and Development Bank forum Kiev 2008,

- Forum EU Russia “Future Business elite” St.-Petersburg 2008,

- The International festival "Master class" St.-Petersburg 2008,

- Participation in NPI  seminar in Imatra. 2009,

- Participation in the 1st EU-Russia Innovation forum in Lappeenranta). 2010,



On the majority of these actions TV-programs, in particular, on Russian-Finnish to cooperation have been prepared:

- In 2007 - about ice breaker "Krasin" and the Finnish ship-museum "Tarmo", about sea days of Finland in St.- Petersburg in which the Naval museum participated, and also about the international Russian-Finnish conference «St.-Petersburg corridor».

- In 2008 were prepared and let out the programs ether about the Finnish-Russian innovative centre and a forum of young European businessmen in St.-Petersburg «Future Business elite», with participation of representative EC in Russia Timo Hammeren .

- Participation of a film crew in a seminar on frontier cooperation St.-Petersburg, Leningrad region, Southeast Finland with mayors of the Finnish cities (Lappeenranta and Imatra), etc.




 III - Exhibition activities (working with Artists) (see website)


 IV – Tourism (developing tourism)



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