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  Today I want to talk about greate work done over the years since the opening of our Art Media Agency Main Stream and up to the present day.

  In our videoplots we tell about Saint-Petersburg, as  about city of Multi-Culture & show it.

 We speak about the harmony of versatility.

 I decided to real the entire press release.

In the Beginning I decided to read the list of the most bright Business – Forums,

Music Concerts & Then I’ll read everything in-order.

International Art-Media “Main Stream”, which since 2008 has been working in St.Petersburg.

We visit and videoshooting various cases of international business, culture, science and music forums, many of which are displayed on our website and You Tube.

In  recent years, we have visited and filmed a series of cultural, business, musical events in the city.

Among them:

-        International Forum St. Petersburg Harmony of Versatility was in General Building of Hermitage (Headquarters) (2015-2016), in which  we take interview with the head of the American “Sister Sities”.

-        -St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum in the Headquarters and other venues 2015-2016

-        ‘’Actual problems of theory and history of art,’’ St. Petersburg State University, GE in 2014,

-        As  well as the Conference pf the ‘’balance of priority in urban development of St. Petersburg – Barcelona” in the Investments Committee of  St.Petersburg.

-        Our Agency visited taken and filmed many international business forums with finnish & Nordic countries


-        Among Them


-        Finnish Business Forum in the Crown Plaza in 2015, which was presented to a number of companies:


-        Tikkurilla, Paulig, Region Turku, the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce and a number of other Finnish companies


-        Participated in the Young Leaders Forum “ Bridge” – Finnish –Russian Youth Forum 2014-2015,


-        & Baltic Development Forum Summit & 5-th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR.


-        Euro Azian Forum Maritime History


-        We cooperate with the Cultural Center of Israel and the Israel Moscow theater “Shalom’’.


-        Collaborate with the St.Petersburg University


-        Participated in Saint-Petersburg Partneriat for small and medium businesses.


-        Participated in VTB Investor Day Forum


-        Participated in the presentation of Snow bird Finnish airlines


-        Participated in the event in Mediatheques Italian Institute of Culture in St.Petersburg.


-        Participated in the event on the ship – the icebreaker Krasin.


-        Memorial Day Umberto Nobel.


-        Participated in the events celebrating the Naval Assembley in K2


-        Participated in the events celebrating the Naval Assembly in K2


-        Participated in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia


-        Participated in ENPI forum in Imatra


-        Participated in first EU-RUSSIA  Innovation Forum in Laapenranta, Finland -25-27 May 2010


-        Participated in EU forum in Lahti in 2006,


-        Participated in forum Modern Woman


-        Way to Success’’ St.Petersburg 2006


-        Participated in Russia-Finnish Forum on gender equality.


-        Our Agency made commercial video for the residential area ‘’Slavyanka’’ in 2011 for the builder ‘’Petrotrest”.


-        A lot of work to translate Russian-English dictionary terminological enrichment of ore was carried out 2011-2012.


-        Shooting of Russian –Polish Forum 2012 (October)


-        International Environmental Forum ‘’Baltic Sea Day’’ St.Petersburg, 2008


-        The “Holy Land of Jerusalem” St. Petersburg 2008,


-        We made Video Plot about Forum EU Russia “Business Elite of the Future’’ St. Petersburg (2008)


-        On account of our Agency more than 2.8 million visits of International forums and  festivals of the city & neighboring countries and the Euro-Union.


-        Of the biggest music concerts visited and filmed:


-        ‘’Tapiolla’’ in the third stage of the Mariinsky Theatre,


-        A series of concerts at the Philharmonic with conductor A.Cantor, together with the Finnish House – St.Petersburg House of Music,


-        Multiply Cooperation with Orchestra ‘’Tavrichesky’’, the composer Jean Sibelius –Cooperation with the Danish Institute and Cultural Center.


-        Took the material and interviewed the grandson of composer Jean Sibelius


-        Many times been in the House of Composers and did an interview with Victor Pleshak.


-        You can see some of these activities on our website and 28 % of the videos posted on You Tube.


-        Gradually, we will lay out the other videos from Main Stream Agency.


-        Also, to develop tourism, and organize exhibitions of artists of St. Petersburg and abroad.


We work closely with the Finnish House.

And also we have the whole arsenal of base and foreign artists, musicians from all the EU Member States, the US, e.t.r.

We cooperate with all new and stylish and the largest concert halls of St.Petersburg.


And now the entire press-release in detail.




Last year I write this appeal to Actors
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Last year I write this appeal to Actors before Oscar & this year I decided to tell it here on You Tube.

I want to send a warm hi & respect for all American actors, who will today in The Hall Oscars.

Cinema makes our life interesting & diverse & more colorful our consciousness.

It distracts from the reality that is not always satisfied.

American cinematography has created a lot of great movies in which we grew up.

I will not list by name, because they are all different. Different genres and different subjects, and many film favourite throughout life.

Adventures, real events. fantasy, romance, melodrama, western, detective, blockbuster.

Every genre for its own good and has a place to be.

I also want to mention insanely beautiful nature of America, which is present in almost all films.

Blue mountains, green roads, red canyons, and geysers sometimes deserts & beautiful lakes & of course the ocean.

Atmosphere of High Way & free life.

CINEMA & MUSIC MAKES OUR LIFE INTERESTING & BETTER, diverting the imagination on different distances.





A lot of work & entertainment with different American films - eat for the imagination & for the games of mind. Have no time to discuss & discribe of all plots, but it's intersting, adventures & sometimes funny, hah..
My perception & indifference emotions & positive for the bright different things give me satisfaction every day.
Good luck, good night, good morning, hah..


I want to tell you a little preview abou
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I want to tell you a little preview about myself.

I was born and I live in St. Petersburg and is the root ‘’Peterburzhenka’’ in five generations, like New Yoker.

-Studied at the English School, then graduated from the University of Culture and Arts, at the Department of Economics and Management at the leading specialty Top Management.

-All the relatives on my mother’s side finished the St. Petersburg University.

Mother - Specialties Philology – Russian language and English Languages, Grandfather - History of Political Economy

Grandmother - Specialties Philology – Russian language & восточное

Father graduated from Mining University.

-As I finished music school on piano – a long time,

- I sang in the choir of TV and radio.

- I have the diploma of painting on silk and also studied painting.

- I plan to create a new series of my artworks and my Personal Cover Band, of course solo, possibly surrounded bу musicians!

-I have a large Model Portfolio.

-I rented for myself.

-I starred in number films in St. Petersburg.

-I like to take pictures, as a photographer

-I have the Diploma of the Swedish Folk University, the city of Stockholm – the course of Swedish language.

-Perfectly own Personal Computer

-I can & I know a lot.

-I own a number of programs and web-programming.

-Personal Computer is my Favourite Friend after Myself.

- I like Silicon Valley.

- I have the right – and perfectly know driving.

- I have my own small business for 8 years in St.Petersburg

International Art-Media Agency “Main Stream” , which since 2008 has been working in St. Petersburg.


For it I dedicated most of my time.

We visit and video-shooting various of international business, culture, science and music forums, many of which are displayed on our website and You Tube.


Slogans about Myself:

-Business Women

-Media Person




-Cover Girl, Model




-Video Photo Cameraman Film maker

-You Tube Blogger

-Actress in life and in past & in the near future!


-Find New Ways of Cooperation & Find New Roads!

Just Found.

-Styles of dress:






-Glam Rock



And mixing them.


Live the high life in St.Petersburg,

- I love Rock Concerts abroad favourite artists,

- The nature of the United States on You Tube and in the movies.

-I love the cinema, mostly overseas, the US certainly, but also Russian cinema is

Familiar with childhood –revised set of films. – they are quite different.

I like adventures, adventure fiction, Science, Space, Beautiful fairy, light romantic plots, and various interesting, and a little philosophy can not hurt.

The cinema is completely immersed in a different reality.


-I’m for a healthy lifestyle

-I like to walk in the fresh air along the Neva River in St.Petersburg, and large air spaces.

-Love Art in different forms

-But the main thing for me self-realization, through different genres of art

- About myself I can tell a lot and for a long time.

- But for today That’s all.



                     Art-Media Main Stream


“Main Stream”Ltd, 190121, Russia, St.Petersburg

Cell + 7 981-945-92-19

E-mail: Artmedia.mainstream@gmail.com, Alexandra.petrova@yahoo.com





Our agency «Main Stream» is situated in Russian city St.Petersburg .This city was created by tsar Peter 1 in 1703 on the bank of  the Neva River, which connects St.Petersburg with Baltic Sea. So St.Petesburg is a great port with  its own naval history. But when the ships of many countries come to our city, it becomes not St.Petersburg,but Interburg  on the Neva. In 2007-08  we worked with so called TV programm

« Interburg  on  the Neva».

So St. Petersburg is not only great port- it is great museum. We love our historical ships –« Aurora» & « Krasin». « Aurora» is a department of  Сentral Naval museum. It wellknown ship, which separated Russian history on two parts in 1917.But it also took part in Russian-Japanies war in 1904-1905 & today many descandents of participants of this war come to « Aurora» on May 27 & tell each other about their forefathers & their work with archives, dedicated them.

The second ship – ice-breaker « Krasin» also has its own naval history. It took part in rescuing operation of Italian expedition of Umberto Nobile in 1928  and many other rescuing operations…During the Days of Finland in St.Petersburg on the board of « Krasin» we met with participants of postwar(11 world war) trawl operation of Baltic sea. It were very interesting  memoirs.

The ecology of Baltic sea is one of the important theme of Union of the Baltic cities commission of environment. We met with representatives of WWF(Word Wild nature Fond)& had interview  about life of whales& Baltic seals,how their  life depends from changes of climate and also we had an interview with oil &gas environmental policy officer about ecological expertise &necessary information from monitoring of polution.

We participated  in EU-Russia innovation forum, where discussed questions of ecology of Baltic Sea as one of the most significant today problem.

One of the programs was dedicated to innovations in education, cooperation between russian  & finnish schools.


The plots of our TV-programs were dedicated to Sankt-Petersburg as a port, as a museum & also as a great Theatre: this  year the 24 international theatre festival «Baltic House» took place in St.Petersburg. As one of the most significant European

theatralical forums, this festival has become an entegral  part of both St.Petersburg & European culture life. The festival aim is to expend cultural relations between Baltic countries &to promote achievements in modern Theatre.

Partisipants of the festival are famous European Theatre directors – recognized leaders of global theatre.

 Prizes of «Baltic Star» are awarded annually in the field of culture for working in Baltic countries towards the establishment of relations between cultures.

 This year (2014) our agency participated in two Forums of young leaders «Bridge» in Turku & in St. Petersburg & in the 11international Congress of Eurasian maritime history.

One of the themes, which connects russian & finnish historians was exploration of region of Hango battle in 1714 with the purpose of  localization of  place of  the battle. One of  the interesting  reports, delivered on this theme, was  «Main results of  study of  Gangut battle & research  tasks at the modern stage» (St.Petersburg state university).The 2 nd International Congress of  marytime Eurasian history has brought together many scientists , historians & opinion  leaders, clearly showing the high quality of  international communication & opinion exchange on maritime studies, science & engineering.

The Forum of young leaders «Bridge» took part in Turku during the 16 Baltic development Forum. All the participants of young leaders forum were divided for groups to visit industrial companies of Turku such as bioinginiring, architectural&

Jewellery companies.

The second part of  «Bridge» in St.Petersburg aquainted the visitors with  buiseness- incubator «Ingria». Also we visited the Innovation forum in  Lenexpo.

The second branch of our  work is booking of  artist of different styles of music. 

We worked with Thomas Anders from «Modern talking»,East-17,Bobby Farell, Bonney-M, Bad boys blue, Haddaway, Paradisio, Ricardo Fogly, & DJ.

Our Agency has an information portal with our events. So you can use our portal

for advertise your science, сulture& buiseness news.




During the work of Main Stream Agency, I learned theoretically and practically a number of materials of other businesses, not only Media and Glamour – and specific production and large coverage of different business sectors.

-It is a series of production and their work from beginning to end since the purchase of the equipment prior to the start of production, rent, staff, & e.t.r.

For example, the production of environmentally friendly toilet paper with beautiful and attractive soft labels, sponges, and so on, a lot of things.

Explore the whole franchise market (business) of St.Petersburg, Moscow and abroad.

-For example, large food chains, Spar, Crossroads, Family & other gipermarkets.

Eurasia, all things are possible fast food, like KFC, MC Donalds, the Subway, Different Coffeshops & Coffeterias etr.

- Work about my coffee machines network in St.Petersburg,

- Held talks with different organizations about my coffee machines.

- Subjects Studied different Auto-Cars theme. Import-Export.

- Some Exotic US Cars, like Laguna Wanderwall & others, but not for Russia, mostly for Europe & e.t.r.

And other Franchise with a completely different theme: Apparel, beautiful, lingerie, e.t.r.

-More than 802 Franchises.

-Purchase of ready business.

-Opening of my glossy magazine, e.t.r.

-Opening my private radiostation

-Beauty Salons and hairdressing

-And the different kinds of Shops

-I created a network of my Internet-Shops

- Study a number of the banking sector and credit lines.

-Negotiated with tenants appealed to St. Petersburg and Moscow Association of Business Angels & Some Business Angels from over the world to specific projects.

- I have a large base of private Investors, and to place some of my projects, as well, as visiting a number of forums for small and medium businesses.

- A number of new businesses.

At this stage, here in St. Petersburg, I continue to deal with Art-Media Agency “Main Stream” and the disclosure of its creative potential.






For USA Companies


I’m Alexandra

I find to work

- In Some interesting Business Sphere ( Art-Media “Main Stream” News New York)

Find Media Angels, Investors, Media Magnat’s

-In Cinema Industry (Management & Actress Parallely)

(Have Model & Actress Portfolio, look more than 2800  American & some Russian movies in Cinema from 2012-2017 years & a lot of movies from my childhood, my mind think, as Moovie Maker &, as an Actress)

- In Fashion Sphere (Management) (New York Fashion House)

I like Fashion very much

-Or in Some interesting Business Sphere ( Art-Media “Main Stream” New York)

I sent e-mail in your Company, because it interesting for me and I want to try Myself here.

Now I situated in St.Petersburg - Russia or in Helsinki or in Stockholm - EU, but I want to work & live in USA, so I’m ready to come & work & live in USA, so I’m ready to come & work in your company.

Or, as I told before I find Business Angels to begin to work with my web-portal & social networks about Art-Media “Main Stream” New York.

Find Media Angels, Investors, Media Magnat’s.

I’m ready to discuss all details in Skype & tomorrow begin to formalize my work visa.





I’m looking for serious relationship,

I find a serious guy or men, in future good & interesting husband.

Creative, clever, intelligent, fashionable, to go to different events together, who likes art, cinema, music, fashion, business, walk on the New York in nature places, and travel together in interesting and adventurious travel.

I have my business in St. Petersburg – International Art-Media Agency “Main Stream”





I’m looking for serious relationship,

I find a serious guy or men, in future good & interesting husband.

Creative, clever, intelligent, fashionable, to go to different events together, who likes art, cinema, music, fashion, business, walk on the New York in nature places, and travel together in interesting and adventurious travel.


I have my business in St. Petersburg – International Art-Media Agency “Main Stream”



1.I’m looking for an investor to buy an apartment in St.Petersburg.

Perhaps for mini hotel or for an art hotel.

2. The apartment is located on Pisareva Street, the house next door to the Concert Hall of Mariinsky Theatre.

8. Place is historical, located in the city center, an 8 minute walk and you are on the Neva River..

Next is Pisarevsky Garden, the former Alexis (With the Palace of Russian Grand Duke Alexis, where now is situated the St.Petersburg House of Music)

Direct access to the embankment of the Neva River and 18 minutes from the Palace Square on foot,

Than St.Isaac’s Cathedral, Exhibition Art Center Manej,

The whole ensemble of architectural structures, which can be proud of St. Petersburg.

Footage of apartments – 211 meters.

State House after the repair.

Front of the house and the front door after repair look at the St.Petersburg style.

The apartments windows overlook both the street and into the yard.



Buying a large enough apartments will be interesting as the creative businessman, in order to make the Art-Hotel or Mini-Hotel, or just for yourself.

Dear Guests, You Can See A Lot of Videos of Greate Cultural Events & International Forums on our You Tube Channel.

Forward by the link,

because on this web-site you can see mostly articles & photos of Business Forums & Cultural Events.  



Olga in VK


Alexandra in VK


Art - Media Main Sream in VK